World’s Highest Paid YouTube Star 2018 Is A 7-Year Old Boy

World's Highest Paid YouTube Star 2018
Meet Ryan, World’s Highest Paid YouTube Star 2018

When most of us in our childhood was busy carrying schoolbags on our shoulder and playing in our momma’s lap, This 7-year old boy Ryan is churning money we can’t even imagine. Meet Ryan of Ryan Toys Review who is World’s Highest Paid YouTube Star 2018 and according to Forbes, he earned around $22million(almost 155cr INR) in 2018.

Ryan has 17 million subscribers on his Youtube Toys review channel. His channel boasts with videos of the child playing with his toys and unboxing them. Other person shoots these videos of him where he unboxes and plays with his toys and post them on Youtube and his videos are viewed by millions of his fans and children.

Ryan makes his earning from the pre-roll advertisement on his Youtube channel. According to Forbes Ryan earns $21million from these pre-roll advertisements on his channel and the rest of the money comes from sponsored ads.

According to Forbes, among the 7-year-old’s most watched videos are him playing with Disney toys and Paw Patrol. Each of these videos has over 10 million views, mostly from kids his age.

The star kid Ryan jumped from eighth place last year to the number one spot this year. The last name of Ryan has been kept private and it is also not known what is his city of residence. These details haven’t been made public to protect his privacy. Ryan first started creating videos in 2015.

World's Highest Paid YouTube Star 2018
The Family of Ryan, World’s Highest Paid YouTube Star 2018

According to Ryan’s mother, he was once an avid watcher of toy reviews, especially ones that focused on Thomas the Tank Engine, before he asked to start his own channel. His mother who was a former high school chemistry teacher has quit her job to work full time on her son’s channel. Ryan’s father who also makes an appearance in some of Ryan’s famous videos works as a structural engineer.

Ryan’s family have also created a second Youtube channel called Ryan’s Family Review in which his family completes different challenges, vlogs and tour of the family’s house.

Kids nowadays have a habit of watching videos online and most of the kids watch other kids playing with toys and eating ice-creams and chocolates on Youtube. This kind of videos are quite popular today’s and more and more parents are coming up with the videos of their kids playing with toys or with chocolates.


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