This Is The Reason Behind Why Indian Saints Wear Saffron Colour

Reason Behind Why Indian Saints Wear Saffron Colour
Reason Behind Why Indian Saints Wear Saffron Colour

There is a peculiar colour for Indian Saints and they are easily recognized by that colour. Whenever we see a person wearing full saffron colour, we automatically understand that he might be a saint or a Pujari.

This saffron colour is touted as a religious colour in India and holds mythological significance. The mythology on which this saffron colour for a saint is based is regarding the two auspicious things in Hindu Mythology – Suryaoday(Sunrise) and Suraayast(Sunset). Both of the colours of Sunrise and Sunset is saffron. In both the scenario there are two elements that hold the value, The Sun and The Fire and saffron is the colour associated with these two elements. This is basically a mythological explanation of saffron colour for Indian Saints,

But there is a scientific reason for this also. Dr BK Chandrashekhar who is an expert in psycho neurobics said there is a scientific angle regarding this.

According to BK Chandrashekhar, there are seven colors which are associated with seven chakras of our body. These colours are Red, saffron/orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Each of these colours is of different wavelength and holds a different impact on our mind and body.

He explained, “When we see a colour, it forms an image on the retina which is transformed into electrical signals which are then sent to the brain. The optic nerve of the eye connects it to the visual cortex and other areas of the brain. This is what makes different colours send different vibrations to the brain.”

Speaking of the specific colour, he said the RED Chakra is the main chakra which is related to genital and is important for survival. This red chakra is associated with the primal energy and manages the musculoskeletal system of our body.

Then comes the SAFFRON Chakra, which is the second primary chakra of the body. It is also called Svadhishthana or the Sacral chakra. According to Dr Chandrashekhar, this colour is associated with colon, bladder, kidney, reproductive system and urinary bladder. So this Saffron Chakra is the most significant for the Human body. Even the Buddhist have also acknowledged this colour as the colour of bliss.

So that can be the explanation of SAFFRON colour being the colour for religious Hindu saint and why this colour is so important religiously.


Source: Times of India


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