Want to know any some really cool and weird fact about water?

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We all know water is the most important substance and most abundant molecule in our body. If there is no water on earth then there would be no life on earth.  Let’s see today some of the interesting facts about water. Some of the facts will simply blow your mind.

  • Water Has a Memory

Weird and Interesting Water FactsThis may sound strange to many of you but some research strongly indicates that water may retain a memory or an imprint of the shapes of particles that were dissolved in it. If we believe this research then this could well explain the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies, in which the active component has been diluted to the point where not even a single molecule remains in the final preparation.

  • Water Really Is Blue
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When we see lot of snow or ice in a glacier, or a large body of water, it often looks blue. We think that this is some part of trick of the light or a reflection of the sky. While water, ice, and snow appear colourless in small quantities, the substance is actually blue.

  • Water Often Displays Some Weird Quantum Effects.

Ordinary we all know that water consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, but a 1995 neutron scattering experiment saw 1.5 hydrogen atoms per oxygen atom. While a variable ratio is not unheard of in chemistry, this type of quantum effect in water was unexpected.

  • Water Can Form Ice Spikes

Icicles form when water freezes as it drips down from a surface, but water can also freeze to form upward-facing ice spikes. These occur in nature, plus you can also make them form in an ice cube tray in your home freezer.

  • We Can Make Instant Snow From Boiling water.

Weird and Interesting Water FactsIf the weather is really cold outside, you can make snow form directly by throwing boiling water into the air. Though it may sound bit crazy and impossible but It is really easy to make instant snow from boiling water.  You just need only two things. Freshly boiled water and really cold outdoor temperature (around -35°C). If the water is as close to boiling and the outside air is as cold as possible, when you toss a cupful of boiling water into the air, it can make instant snow. But this effect won’t work well as the water temperature drops below 90°C or the air temperature warms past -30°C.

  • Hot Water Can Freeze Faster Than Cold Water

It may sound strange but it is the fact that Hot Water can actually freeze faster than Cold Water. This phenomenon of water is called the Mpemba effect.  If the cooling rate is just right, water that starts out hot can freeze into ice more quickly than cooler water. It is not certain as yet how it works but scientists believe it is due to the effect of impurities on water crystallization.

  • Water Can Supercool to Freeze Instantly

Typically, when we chill a substance to its freezing point, it changes from a liquid into a solid. Water is unusual because it can be cooled well below its freezing point, yet remain a liquid. If you disturb it, it instantly freezes into ice.

  • Water has a glassy state

Do you think water can only be found as a liquid, solid, or gas. There’s a glassy phase, intermediate between the liquid and solid forms. If you supercool water, but don’t disturb it to make it form ice, and bring the temperature down to -120 °C the water becomes an extremely viscous liquid. If you cool it all the way down to -135 °C, you get “glassy water,” which is solid, yet not crystalline.

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