Our Team



The Team of Knowledge Stall comprises of us, The Trio-Abhishek, Richa and Priyanka. Though we, as a team, have the equal rights and power regarding its contents and outlook, yet we have designated ourselves for some specific field of work.

Being a software professional, Abhishek, besides writing and finalizing the contents, will also look after its technical aspect.

Richa will contribute by her viewpoint as an audience and she will also do the research work from the same angle.

Priyanka, being a writer herself, will do the research and writings for the website.

Together , we are always there to interchange our work in a suitable manner.



I am Abdsc00522qhishek, popularly known as Abhi among my friends. Professionally I am a freelancer with expertise in SAP CRM Functional, Data Analysis, Sentiment Analysis and Testing but personally I have a passion for writing. I am a born thinker, empathy comes naturally to me. Reading and Music is what rejuvenates me.

                                     E- Mail  – abhi@knowledgestall.com






priyankaI am Priyanka, a home-maker, a mother and also a writer. I am author of Six books out of which two have been awarded. I love reading, music and spending fun-filled quality time with my family and friends. I am a good listener and a keen observer, which enhance my ability to write in an authentic way.

 E-Mail – priyanka@knowledgestall.com






I am Richa. Friends and family lovingly call me Mona. I am a home-maker, a mother and a keen reader. Books are my best friends and knowledge is what I am never tired of grasping more. In my free time, I love watching movies, listening to music and spending quality time with my kid.

                                    E- Mail – richa@knowledgestall.com