Scientists Prepare For Five Deeps Expedition

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Scientists-Prepare-For-Five-Deeps-ExpeditionIt will be the first time humans will visit the deepest part of the oceans of the world. Scientists are preparing for Five Deeps Expedition in a mission to go to the deepest depths of 5 oceans.

The project which is known as “Five Deeps Expedition”, will use a special submersible vehicle. This vehicle took more than three years to build and is made of titanium and other special materials that can dive to the bottom of the ocean, said Victor Vescovo who is an explorer and he will pilot the vehicle after it leaves its supporting boat and descends toward the deepest parts of the ocean.

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Vescovo who has climbed the world’s seven highest mountain peaks and trekked to both the North and South Poles explains further, “I’m very much looking forward to pushing not only the limits of the technology and myself and my crew, but also hopefully push humanity forward a little bit in terms of our understanding of our world and showing what we can do as a species.”

The crew of the mission includes Victor Vescovo, Patrick Lahey, Joh Ramsay, Rob Mccallum, Stuart Buckle, Alan Jamieson, Anthony Geffen and L Bruce Jones. Rob Mccallum will lead the expedition.

Five Deeps Expedition overview

As explained on their official website, the expedition will be the first attempt to reach the deepest point in each of the Earth’s five oceans. The five ocean that will be covered by the expedition includes Puerto Rico Trench in the Atlantic, South Sandwich Trench in the Southern Ocean, Java Trench in the Indian Ocean, Challenger Deep in the Pacific and Molloy Deep in the Arctic.

The highlights of the expedition are – 

  • The expedition will traverse 40,000 nautical miles / 74,000 km in 11 months.
  • By the end of the expedition the sub will have descended through at least 72,000 m / 236,220 ft of water.
  • Up to 50 scientific lander deployments will be undertaken alongside the submersible dives.
  • No human has ever been to the bottom of the Java, Puerto Rico* or South Sandwich trenches.
  • No one has ever been to the bottom of Molloy Deep.
  • No manned submersible has ever been to Challenger Deep more than once.
  • No person has ever been to the summit of Mount Everest and also been to the bottom of the ocean at Challenger Deep, which could occur on this expedition.

Triton Submarines LLC of Vero Beach, Florida has made the submersible vehicle. According to the company, the vehicle is the only submersible certified to carry humans on dives of 36,000 feet (11,000 meters). The commercially certified submersibles are capable for thousands of dives. It is accompanied by a 68 meter dedicated research & exploration ship, a trio of advanced FOD-capable seafloor landers as well as an FOD-capable echo sounder and multi-beam sonar capable of mapping the sea floor – a technical Tour de Force.

The project Five Deeps Expedition will be covered by Discovery and Science Channel will capture the entire mission for a project known as “Deep Planet” that will air in 2019.


Source: Reuters



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