Lok Sabha passes Triple Talaq bill amid walkout by Congress

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Lok Sabha passes Triple Talaq bill amid walkout by Congress
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Amid a walkout by some Opposition parties, the Lok Sabha passes Triple Talaq bill on Thursday, a bill which proposes to make the practice of instant Triple Talaq an offence under the Indian Penal Code with the provision of three-year jail term for the erring husband.

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The bill legislation, which replaces an Ordinance issued by the government in September, was passed by after the government strongly defended the measure, asserting that it should not be seen from the prism of politics as 20 Islamic countries have already banned the practice and not the secular India.

Some Opposition parties, including the Congress, AIADMK and TMC, however, kept insisting on sending the bill to a Joint Select Committee and walked out of the House just before the bill was put to vote as their demand was not accepted.

Opposition parties like RSP, AIMIM and BJD did not walk out of the House but moved some amendments which were negated.

The Bill was taken up in the Parliament in August last year after a five-judge bench of the Supreme Court termed unconstitutional the law that allowed Muslim men to divorce their wives simply by uttering the word “talaq” three times in quick succession.

Timeline of Today’s Event in Lok Sabha Today – 

19:11 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Lok Sabha passes Triple Talaq Bill

18:56 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Motion adopted for consideration with 238 ayes

18:41 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Congress MPs stage walk out

18:27 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Don’t understand why a secular nation like India should not eradicate Triple Talaq, says Prasad

18:14 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Ravi Shankar Prasad defends non-bailable clause in Triple Talaq Bill

18:11 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
If Dowry law can be passed, why not Triple Talaq Bill, says Ravi Shankar Prasad

17:56 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Owaisi: You are decriminalising Section 377 but criminalising Triple Talaq

17:30 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
‘Govt bringing Triple Talaq Bill keeping in mind vote bank politics’

17:20 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
NCP leader Supriya Sule says she is not against intention of Triple Talaq law

17:05 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Not doing this for vote bank politics, says Smriti Irani on Triple Talaq Bill

17:00 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Smriti Irani: Over 400 women have been victims of Triple Talaq after SC ruling

16:55 (IST)
27 Dec 2018
Md Salim slams govt, says crocodile tears being shed on behalf of Muslim women

16:49 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Under pretext of women’s right, govt is messing with nation’s integrity: TRS MP

16:36 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Govt should focus more on saving lives of people being lynched in BJP-ruled states: TDP MP

16:28 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Implementing Triple Talaq Bill in current form will be a disaster: BJD’s Rabindra Jena

16:23 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
TMC’s Sudip Bandyopadhyay brings up topic of women reservation

16:11 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Triple talaq debate: Opposition more worried about criminals than victims, says Naqvi

16:03 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Issue not related to Islam but is about injustice, says Naqvi

15:59 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi presents views on Triple Talaq Bill

15:50 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
‘Triple Talaq bill fails to answer who will take care of wife, kids for 3 years’

15:41 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Fundamental rights being attacked in name of gender justice: AIADMK MP

15:36 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Law brought by Rajiv Gandhi was appeasement politics, says Lekhi

15:11 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Meenakshi Lekhi on Triple Talaq Bill: Men cannot be given supreme right to summarily divorce wife

15:07 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Meenakshi Lekhi: Govt favours not just women empowerment but women-led empowerment

15:01 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Meenakshi Lekhi on Triple Talaq Bill: These are issues of human rights violation

14:49 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Kerala MP says Triple Talaq ordinance was passed with political motives

14:36 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
LK Advani in the House

14:32 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
AIMPLB requests non-BJP MPs to reject triple talaq Bill

14:30 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Attempt to criminalise a civil wrong: RSP MP

14:19 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Don’t want to victimise anyone: Ravi Shankar Prasad

14:14 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Bill for justice, humanity: Ravi Shankar Prasad

14:11 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
TMC also demands joint select committee

14:06 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Triple Talaq should be sent to Joint Selection Committee: Kharge

14:06 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
If this government thinks they can bulldoze legislations they are mistaken:Derek O’Brien

14:01 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Lok Sabha resumes

13:14 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Govt has prepared revival plan for Air India: Jayant Sinha in Lok Sabha

12:31 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Lok Sabha adjourned

12:31 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Why is Congress opposing instant triple talaq bill?

12:29 (IST) 27 Dec 2018
Shashi Tharoor talks about rehabilitation of Kerala fishermen


Ruckus in Lok Sabha


On Lok Sabha’s schedule today

Bills for consideration and passing:
*The Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill
*The Mulsim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill
*The National Medical Council (Amendment) Bill, 2017
*The New Delhi International Arbitration Centre Bill, 2018
*The Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2018


Big day for Muslim women: Parliamentary Affairs Minister

Rajya Sabha mourns death of former members Nishad, Rajangam


Five MPs resign from Lok Sabha


Nobody seems to be interested in proceedings: Rajya Sabha Chairman


TDP MP’s ‘dashaavatar’ pose against Modi govt


Lok Sabha adjourned till 12


Rajya Sabha adjourned


Uproar in Lok Sabha


Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha proceedings begin


BJP chief Amit Shah snapped outside Lok Sabha


Congress leader draws comparison between Sabarimala, Triple Talaq; questions if BJP is ‘really’ for women empowerement


Appeal BJP to not interfere in religious matters: Mallikarjun Kharge

BJP, Congress issue whip to MPs

Source: ANI


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