Beauty’s Burnout collection: Would You Buy A Bag That’s Been Run Over By Mercedes AMG?

Beauty's Burnout collection by MercedesEver imagined owning a bag that has been run over by a car?

For most people, owning a bag, especially a branded one, is like an added achievement in life. People spend a lot of money on signature bags and then have to take care of it from dirt and coffee spills.

Mercedes-Benz, however, had a different idea in mind. The brand in collaboration with Destroy vs. Beauty (a German brand) has come up with a unique concept of purposely making the fabrics run over by cars, reported The Drive.

As weird as it may sound, these bags are actually a reality! Meet Destroy vs. Beauty’s Burnout collection.

In the unique approach, a neutral colored fabric is first chosen to create a beautifully accented set of driver-themed gear. Then, the designers take the raw materials to a racing track where they undergo a special treatment by the raw power produced from the AMG GT R.

A flat piece of the fabric is placed on the race track, just in front of the GT-R’s rear wheels. With launch control engaged, the driver then mashes the throttle in order to leave a streak of melted rubber across the material like a powerful signature.

The end results are surprisingly unique pieces of art designed for both men and women. The most affordable entry into Beauty’s Burnout collection are wallets, priced from $202 (179 euros).

Beauty's Burnout collection by Mercedes

The starter price for even the smallest messenger bag is $428 (379 EUR). Big spenders can purchase a laptop bag for $597, day-trip bag (called the Speedweek) for $654, and an aptly-named top-of-the-line Weekender bag for $767.

Beauty's Burnout collection by Mercedes

Now even if you can’t afford a Mercedes AMG GT R, you can definitely own a bag with tire marks from the prestigious brand.


(Source: ANI, The Drive)


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